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Our Purpose

To minimize the complexity of the insurance shopping process by allowing the consumer to browse and compare insurance rates, but never forgetting the untimate goal … to provide awesome insurance protection. works with the nations’s best insurance companies, helping to reduce the error of selecting bad coverage because the “price was right.”

Based in Lake Forest, CA, is dedicated to reducing the frustration in the insurance shopping experience.

Why We Did It

There are many insurance companies and comparison sites that deal with just one of the problems, price. What we noticed was that these sites failed to help the consumer see beyond the price, to get real information on which carriers stood behind their promise and offered real protection.

We set out to offer the comparison quotes, with the coverage, and to include the option to work directly with a licensed agent.

The Audacity

We’re a bootstrap organization that isn’t backed by institutional investors, not that we wouldn’t welcome them :-). At our heart we’re your local, “virual,” insurance agency.

We don’t sell your lead to other agents or lead aggregations websites. When you buy from, we become your insurance agent, and we will always value each and every one of our consumers. Just like the neighborhood agent does.

Our Humility

Because we are a self-funded technology, built on the back of our parent, IronPoint Insurance Services, LLC, we continue to value the challenges of keeping our technology relevant, our customers happy, and growing our customer base in this competitive market space.

Our Partent Organization

Independence Makes the Difference is currently funded by and backed by IronPoint Insurance Services, LLC. IronPoint proivdes the carrier appointments, capital, and the freedom to do the things in a new and innovative way. It also provides the legal stuff too!

Protection Made Easy makes it much easier and quicker to find the best car insurance for you. Before, if you wanted to find the best prices and coverage, you’d have to fill out multiple forms on several different insurance provider websites — and that could take you a while. We knew there was an easier way. is the result.

The Importance of Protection

You shop around when you buy new electronics for your home, or a new car, or even new living room furniture. Why wouldn’t you compare one of your biggest annual expenses – your car insurance?

Car Insurance prices change all the time, so no matter your driving record or your background, you could still save money by comparing. exists for just that purpose: to help you save money by finding the right car insurance company for you and your needs. works directly with lots of national and local car insurance brands to bring you the best prices in car insurance.

We carefully review all of our car insurance partners so you can be sure that you’ll get great coverage at the best price. We understand that privacy and security are paramount when shopping for anything online – especially something as important as car insurance.

Guarding your security is always a top priority. We’re just as passionate about safeguarding your sensitive information as we are about creating a convenient experience for all our users.

Our Promise

Because was founded on the idea that shopping for car insurance should be an experience that’s quick, easy, informative – and even enjoyable – we promise our customers that we’ll never stray from this core belief. We’ve worked hard to create a user-friendly site experience that makes shopping for an auto insurance policy as easy as a Sunday drive.

The team also promises that we very carefully review all of the car insurance providers we feature on our site. While we work with the insurance companies, and not for them, we understand that at the end of the day, this makes little difference to our users. We value personal data security and recognize that if you have a negative interaction with one of our partners it reflects poorly on us. We will never sacrifice quality or credibility merely to increase our wide selection of partners.

Finally, as someone who is potentially handling your personal information as you shop and compare car insurance quotes, we can tell you that guarding your security is always a top priority. We’re just as passionate about safeguarding your sensitive information as we are about creating a convenient experience for all of our users.

Browse our site and try our quick and easy quote process. We think you’ll agree that we’ve made car insurance easier for you.

Experience, Technology and Value


End to End Services

We are your insurance agent. We don’t sell your lead, we don’t aggregate quotes for other insruance carriers, we’re your insurance agent.
always learning

Learn From Experience

We’ve done this for a long time, so we know what works. But we’re always learning, and this leads us to keep improving your experience.

Close Collaboration

You can prepare your own quote, and be a real DIY type of consumer, but we’re always here to work with you, even if it’s to help you chose one of our competitors.

The Customer Comes First

Our business is to make the customer happy. You’re in the driver’s seat, we are here for you. Our customers always come first.

Comparison Rate Quotes

Allowing the customer to review and compare insurance quotes is key to the process. We’re fully transparent. What ou see is what you get … kinda ;-).
right company

The Right Insurance Carriers

Our insurance carrier partners are A+ and A++ rated. We don’t use cut-rate insurance carriers. Your protection is our #1 priority, so only the best for

Trusted by Leading Insurance Companies

We don’t just sell your lead, or hand you off to a call center, we are your insurance agents. We’re in this with you .. for the long term. Below are our insurance carrier partners, some of the most financially secure and trusted insurance companies in the industry.
our story

Our Story

Meet the team and learn how we got started. It’s totally about you, really.



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Privacy Policy

Interested in learning how we treat your information? Check it out, it’s totally private.

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