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Bridging the gap between technology and your insurance demands.

It Starts With an Idea

In January of 2010, after a successful career in leadership with companies like Farmers Insurance, GEICO and Esurance, Scott Boren launched IronPoint Insurance Services, LLC. Esurance is a pioneer in the online auto insurance segment, and GEICO is the market standard in direct-to-consumer auto insurance, so with this expierience, the idea to make online insurance shopping more effective and to go beyond auto insurance was formed.

But it was the experience with Farmers Insurance that rounded out the idea. While online shopping remains a sophisticated and elegant way to offer financial serices, the consultative sales process of a professional insurance agent remains critical to the purchase decision for many consumers.

The idea for was born.

The Gap Between Technology and Human

In 2004, the industry began to notice an increase in online shopping for auto insurance. In fact, it’s our experience that this shift happened in November, 2004. Still, while consumers were seeking rate quotes and information online, they were still converting much higher after speaking with an agent. What began to emerge were some new realities: 1) most consumers like the transparency of online research and quotes, 2) a large majority of consumers need to seek advice, and 3) some consumers prefer the DYI model.

A new model was emerging where increasingly insurance carriers began to offer rate quotes online, involving a call center or local insurance agents for consultion.

The ability to compare rates was still lacking. The need for takes shape.

The Need for Real Comparison Quotes

Insurance quote comparison just makes sense. like other products, consumers want to shop and compare prices and options when buying home or car insurance. The need to compare is more compelling considering the average annual expense for a policy is approximately $1500.

While it’s true there can be considerable difference in price between insurance carriers for the exact same risk, it’s also very true that not all insurance companies offer the same level of protection and service. Many sites where you can compare rates or get an online auto insurance quote focus too much on price. And sure, price is important, but if you saved a few hundred dollars but didn’t have the right protection, that savings could end up costing a pretty penny.

Like other consumer products, insurance policies can differ greatly. It’s not just the limits or deductibles you see on the declarations, but the breadth of coverage offered in the policy. The amount of coverage offered in the policy is like the raw materials that create the insurance. Think of a BMW versus a Yugo, the BMW uses better leather, larger engines with more torque and horsepower, and manufacure more durable and reliable parts. It’s easy to understand why a BMW costs more than a Yugo, it’s in the value recieved. The same is true when you purchase insurance. If you buy the exact same limits at an extremely lower premium, what coverage, service or value was sacraficed? Did you buy a Yugo or BMW?

Comparing the various insurance policies can be difficult, and let’s face it, a bit boring. So we make the process a bit easier. When getting your comparisoin insurance quote, look for the “Preferred” badge. These are the companies who offer broader coverage and more services. But if you truly want to know the breadth of coverage, contact one of our sales consultants.

Providing preferred carriers completes the ComparisonQuote expereince.

Committed to Your Experience

At the end of the day, we will be YOUR insurance agents. We will remain committed to making sure you continue to get the best value on your home or auto insurance, and that you have someone to call to make changes or ask questions.

Some sites who compare rates sales you information as a lead, transfer your to a call center where you can only be sericed by one insurance company, or bind your policy for the insurance carrier and are no longer YOUR insurance agent.

We won’t sell youre data as a lead, we will always be capable of shopping your insurance to get you the best value, we will always be available to proivde you excellent service – that’s our committment to you.

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