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Make sure you’re saving the most by avoiding these rate quote pitfalls.


Update your relationship status

Married drivers typically pay less for car insurance. Combine your auto insurance policies and you could be saving approximately 10 to 12 percent.

*Edmunds estimates the average savings for married couples is 10-12 percent. On average, a 20-year-old female pays 22 percent less when she is married.


Bundle Home & Auto Insurance

If you own a home, you could be saving up to 3 percent on your auto insurance policy. Want to save even more? Bundling your home and auto insurance can save you up to 8 percent on your current coverage costs.

*Data provided by Value Penguin.


Your Credit Record Affects Auto Insurance Rates

Would it surprise you to learn that those with average credit scores paid $214 a year more on car insurance than similar drivers with better scores. How you manage your credit record is a used to measure driving responsibility. A poor score can increase your auto insurance rates.

*Data provided by Consumer Reports. Credit use is not applicable California.


Use Your Accurate Annual Miles

Do you commute? Use your car for business or pleasure? If you've started driving less or changed your vehicle use since the you purchased your policy, it's time to re-quote. Lower miles and a change is use could reduce auto insurance premium by as much as 5-10 percent.

*Data provided by Consumer Federation of America.


Choose the Right Insurance Company

There are hundreds of car insurance companies in the market, comparison shopping just makes sense, and could save you serious money. Get a comparison auto insurance quote and get started.

*Look for the premium badge for broader protection.

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Make the Complex Easy

Comparing auto insurance can be complicated, when you combine our tech with our professionals, we make shopping auto insurance super easy.

We Provide You Real Choice

Some auto insurance companies or agents can only provide you one option, we provide real choice with insurance companies who provide real protection.

It's Fast and Easy

Our tech makes getting started super easy, just complete an online insuance quote and make your choice. Want help, give us a call, and we're all over it.

A+ Rated Financial Security

Our auto insurance partners are some of the most financial strong, respected, and customer-oriented companies. You can rest confortably that you've trusted the right company.

Help When Your want It

Start your comparison auto insurance quote online, but you can also call chat with us, text us, or email. We're your insurance agent, and we're always here for you.

The Customer Comes First

Our first priority is that you're protected, and happy with our service. The customer is the boss, and your welfare will always come first. That's the core of our customer-experience philosophy.

Not All Insurance Companies are the Same

Just because you see the same coverage limits on your insurance policy declarations doesn't mean you have the same insurance protection, and it certainly doesn't mean you have the same quality insurance company.

Watch the video below and see some some of the ways auto insurance companies can differ in the level of protection provided.

  • Customer Service
  • Claims Service
  • Breadth of Coverage
  • Policy Language
  • Policy Exclusions
  • Permissive User Protection
  • Replacement Vehicle Coverage

Quick Facts about Private Passeger
Car Insurance Premiums

Before you get your comparison quote, take a minute to get knowledgeable on some market facts and statistics.
  • Rank Insurance Group Written Premium Market Share
    1 State Farm $41,817,416 18.1%
    2 GEICO $29,596,404 12.8%
    3 Progressive $22,786,034 9.8%
    4 Allstate $21,430,405 9.3$
    5 USAA $13,154,939 5.7%
    6 Liberty Mutual $11,585,976 5.0%
    7 Farmers  $10,357,497 4.5%
    8 Nationwide $7,341,476 3.2%
    9 Travelers $4,396,705 1.9%
    10 American Family  $4,381,962 1.9%

    Source: NAIC data, sourced from S&P Global Market Intelligence, Insurance Information Institute.

  •   Liability Coverage Physical Damage Coverage
    Year Premiums
    Percent Change
    Point Change
    Percent Change
    Point Change
    2008 $94,545,647 -0.5% 103.5 1.7 pts. $64,054,581 -1.0% 95.8 2.4 pts.
    2009 94,990,682 0.5 106.2 2.7 62,630,693 -2.2 93.0 -2.8
    2010 97,672,826 2.8 105.9 -0.3 62,595,851 -0.1 93.4 0.4
    2011 100,369,441 2.8 103.8 -2.1 62,948,280 0.6 99.6 6.3
    2012 103,429,677 3.0 103.2 -0.6 64,619,667 2.7 100.2 0.6
    2013 107,446,382 3.9 103.6 0.4 67,452,663 4.4 98.7 -1.5
    2014 112,354,903 4.6 103.8 0.2 71,096,640 5.4 100.2 1.5
    2015 116,305,809 3.5 107.9 4.2 76,486,433 7.6 99.4 -0.8
    2016 124,427,571 7.0 109.4 1.5 82,930,260 8.4 101.5 2.1
    2017 133,745,174 7.5 105.5 -3.9 88,489,745 6.7 98.3 -3.2

    Source: NAIC data, sourced from S&P Global Market Intelligence, Insurance Information Institute.

  • Rank Most Expensive States$ Average Premium Rank Least Expensive States Average Premium
    1 New Jersey  $1,309.29 1 Idaho  $599.77
    2 Louisiana  $1,302.11 2 Iowa  $628.10
    3 New York  $1,301.64 3 North Dakota  $639.10
    4 Michigan  $1,270.70 4 South Dakota  $648.01
    5 Florida  $1,259.55 5 Maine  $650.38
    6 D.C. $1,246.80 6 Wyoming  $677.53
    7 Rhode Island  $1,193.58 7 Wisconsin  $688.32
    8 Delaware  $1,159.86 8 Vermont  $691.56
    9 Massachusetts  $1,096.53 9 Indiana  $692.29
    10 Connecticut  $1,086.17 10 North Carolina  $699.91

    Source: © 2018 National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).

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